Advanced Placement (AP) Exams are as important as your scholarship

Advanced Placement Exam are as important as scholarships because they help you save upto $25000 in tuition fee!

AP exams help you bridge time in between your degree at a university. By taking AP exam and passing it on 4th or 5th band helps you skip those subjects in the university and save money on tuition. AP exams help you obtain extra credits that can be used in the University to surpass the traditional semester.

These exams take place once a year only, and you can apply for them before taking admission in the university.

From English to Physics, Chemistry, Computer science and Foreign Language, you can opt for any number of exams to add the credit. However, most of the universities just allow three exam credits in one semester, so you may need to diversify your learning (it is different for doctorate or PhD program)

By taking advantage of these exams you can finish your university in three years, saving a year in studies and tuition fee.

This is equivalent to any scholarship or grant provided by the college.

AP exam and important subjects

AP exam sheet consist of Multiple choice questions and a hour of time to finish it.

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It is advisable check with your university before taking these exams if they accept the credit or not. If you are planning to get a degree in Engineering, Finance or Management, it is a good option to opt for exams in Physics, Chemistry and Calculus.
If you going for a M.Phil or PhD program then opt for exams that align with your degree.

AP exams and recognition

AP exams have a Global Higher Education Recognition, and they have higher weightage than any other credit program.

If you are looking for a way to finance your Higher education and get a debt-free degree, AP exams presents a very good option.

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