Fully funded degree courses to look out in 2020

Are you looking for a fully-funded degree to have a debt-free education?

Apart from getting a scholarship, many grants cover the tuition as well as the living expenses of a research scholar. You can apply for PhD programs that are fully funded. 

Research programs that are associated with oncology and virology are fully funded by the government. 

All post-grad degrees that aim for environmental or research science are backed by scholarships and grants. This to enable the students to focus on their studies and create an asset that could help mankind. 

Some of the notable degrees include

  1. Doctorate (PhD) in Advanced Manufacturing (Engineering) 
  2. Masters in Clinical Research 
  3. Masters in Management practices 
  4. Researchers in Philosophy 
  5. Post-grad degree in Community Health 
  6. Child Psychology (Masters, Diploma and PhD)
  7. Criminal Psychology (Masters, Diploma and PhD)
  8.  Crisis Management (Masters, Diploma and PhD)
  9. Environmental Science (Masters, Diploma and PhD)
  10. Geography (Masters, Diploma and PhD)
  11. Nursing (Masters and Diploma)

What is the criteria to get a fully funded degree 

A 15-year-old boy earned a full grant for his research scholarship. He used to study part-time. Nothing is set in stone. If you have a keen interest in a subject and you can pass the entrance test for a scholarship program you can get a grant. 

As we have mentioned in earlier articles, some of the top universities have made their lectures free source. These are available on YouTube and official websites of the universities. 

These include complete lectures from the world-renowned professors and noble laureate. 


Since these degree programs are highly sought by the Top multinational organization in the world, you’ll find a lot of job opportunities. However, many a times students decide to give their time to more research work and go for additional PhD programmes. If you are someone who already holds a PhD, you too can apply for such courses without any burden of tuition fee and living expenses.

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