Future of full-time degrees in and after the endemic!

With relaxation in lockdown all around the world, everyone is concerned about the future of full-time degrees in and after the endemic!

With online classes taking a toll, how do you think full-time degrees will look like in future? 

People who are pursuing practical degrees like B.Tech, M.Phil, PhD’s have found a new dilemma. With the scare of the endemic not only students but the administration of the colleges are sceptical about regular classes. Students who have taken education loan for their studies are looking for answers.  Many students who have given their TOEFL and IELTS are waiting for their colleges in overseas to start the admission process. But they haven’t heard from them yet.

Many countries have restricted international travel and this puts hold on Education Industry.

Can full time degrees be shifted to online classes?

In the past few years full time degrees have shown an edge over long-distance learning. Full time degrees provide an extensive classroom experience that can not be matched online. Important degrees like B.Tech, PhD, M.Phil or any other doctorate needs hands on experience, where students could learn and execute their knowledge. MBA’s have been a popular choice among Indian student, they tend to move to Australia, New Zealand and Canada for their Degrees. where as many doctors prefer to get their specialisation (MS and MD) from abroad after their MBBS. England , America and Russia being their top choices for that.

We certainly can not match these standards online.

What is the best course of students?

Colleges will resume to regular classes, it might take some time. as more and more security measures are taken in consideration. It is safe to assume the colleges will open up sooner or later. By a rough estimate, the COVID situation will come to a halt soon. The scientists are working on the vaccine and preventive medicines have shown promising results.

In the meantime you may take AP exams to bridge the gap!

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