Future prospects of Blockchain Technology – Degree and Diploma Courses of Future

Did you know you can get a degree in Blockchain technology? The future of financial organization in the world!

Finances in the world are shifting. They are taking a plunge into digital currency. From the Bank of Canada to Government of China, and Facebook everyone is ready to test their digital currency in the market.

Digital wallets and online transactions have made their way in urban as well as rural settings. However, we don’t have very many people studying Blockchain and its future.

Many universities, including few in India are now providing degree courses Fintech (M.tech, M.Sc, B.Sc and PhD) in blockchain technologies. These are similar to that of Engineering degrees and Doctorate in chosen field.

What does the degree of FinTech in Blockchain mean?

A degree in Finance technology or FinTech helps you understand the technical aspect of cryptocurrency and mobile banking solutions. A financial technology degree enables you to understand insurance, investment, borrowing, trading and risk management of traditional and crypto currency market.

Financial Technology has grown its market size at about 2,200% in past few years. It makes it the highly sought out engineering degree of the 2020s.

Especially when global economy is on the verge of collapse.

What are the future prospects of degree in blockchain?

A degree in blockchain technologies will help you obtain a job as a financial advisor (independent or payroll) to the the most wealthiest people in the world. As we all know blockchain mining is secure, yet highly vulnerable. A professor who teaches blockchain technology at the university is paid handsomely than others.

With increasing competition, startups are moving forward creating wallets and techniques to mine cryptocurrencies in most efficient ways. They need engineering graduates and research scholars to help them set up the system.

There are more than 30 universities (including University of Sussex and EU Business School) in the world that are providing Financial Technology degree (M.Phil, PhD, Post grad) at the moment. These include online and on campus courses.

Cryptoassests are the future and if you are looking forward to ride this wave, a degree in FinTech is your way to riches!

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