Unconventional degree courses that are 100% debt-free

Are you planning for higher education, here’s a list of degree options that are fully funded, making them 100% debt-free!

Get a degree in courses that are different from mainstream choices could help you secure a scholarship or a doctorate grant.

A debt free learning can open thousands of opportunities for a learner. The world today needs more and more researchers, scientist, advance learners who could find solution to world problems. We need economists who could find solutions to financial losses and how to recover them.

To enable such learners government and many multinational companies help their employees to get a debt free degree.

Courses that are deemed debt free

  1. Network Security : Advance degrees and certifications in network are often paid in full by the employers. University of oxford offer internal and external funding for students who wish to pursue doctorate in network security and threats. This degree is highly sought by the powerful organisations and government itself.
  2. Health and Medicine : COVID-19 has exposed our limited knowledge and resources when it comes to tackle medical emergencies. Keeping this in mind, Top Universities including British Columbia has extended their grants for students pursuing PhD in health, behavioural science and genetics.
  3. Finance : Advance degree in finance and disaster management will see a bloom in near future and employers are helping their staff get degrees that could help them in future. Companies like Chipotle pay full tuition fee of their employees if they wish to get their degree in finance.
  4. Nursing and Doctors beyond borders : Getting a pg diploma in nursing or medical science that allows you to work as a medical staff can fetch you a scholarship. These degrees are highly in thoird world countries. Many organisations like Gate foundation fund these degrees and certificates to help the man-kind.

What all courses are open for debt-free learning

All M.Phil , Post grad and PhD programs are open for scholarship, studentship and external grants. All philanthropic organisations have opened up their grant to help students continue their education.

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