Why does President Trump want people to take vocational courses

President Donald Trump wants people to take vocational courses along with higher studies.

Benjamin Franklin once said – An investment in knowledge pays the best interest! 

In the past few months, COVID-19 has turned deadly, and it has caused more deaths in the world than any other disease. It has created a void for tradesman ship. The country needs people who are trained and skilled in various crafts.

This makes it a perfect time to continue your higher education with some vocational skills. Ministry of Skill development and entrepreneurship has launched many such courses since the 1980s. This is to enable students and make them work-ready. Work opportunities in mechanical engineering, dental assistant, nursing and clerical jobs can be easily obtained after finishing these courses.

Moreover, you can finish these courses without any debt. These are affordable and funded by the government. Once you get a job, you can continue with your degree and apprenticeship. These include respectable jobs with a good paycheck.

You can thereafter continue your education and get a engineering degree, work in finance or go for a PhD.

What is the difference between Vocational Courses and a University Degree?

Any higher education that is acquired at a University that accredited is called a professional degree. Whereas Vocational degree is a course designed to enable an individual to learn a specific trade or skill. Higher education gives you a glimpse of various fields of work you can choose from. While vocational training helps you get a job in specific studies. For example, a certificate in student counselling, or a certificate in web development, store management, finance management are referred to as vocational training certificates. 

Both degrees allow you to get a PhD and continue research work in future. Especially in health and mental health related science fields.

How beneficial are vocational courses in the times of COVID-19?

As discussed earlier, the pandemic has left us devoid of man-force. By the current statistics we will see a lot more lives lost in coming times. We will need more and more people who can handle IT, and medical roles with a panache.

Getting a vocational degree will not only help you obtain a job in these uncertain times, but help the humanity as well.

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